All the secrets of the night

Rädiomeister is a music and lifestyle online magazine under the patronage of the Jägermeister brand.


Our studio was commissioned by Moolo, the agency responsible for Jägermeister PR, to design the visual identity and website for the magazine.

During the pandemic, the agency initiated #RädioMeister, a series of music streams hosted by top Polish DJs to support local artists. The sucess of this project revealed that media could be employed to connect with the brand’s target audience more effectively, leading to the creation of Radiomeister, an online magazine that showcases the hottest events in Poland, music, art, fashion and lifestyle.

Our goal was to capture the essence of the Polish nightlife scene and fuse it with the Jägermeister brand.


We designed a visual identity that is bold and reflective of the edgy underground music scene in Poland. The identity features a custom logotype, contrasting typeface pairing and a color palette inspired by Jagermeister brand colours.  For the website design, we drew inspiration from mobile interfaces on social media platforms to create an immersive experience for younger audience.

Scope of work:

Visual identity
Website design


Visual identity: Gustaw Dmowski
Web design: Gustaw Dmowski, Monika Walczak
Web development: Owls Department

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